Dear club members.

I thought the club should contact you to keep you up to speed with decisions the committee have been making with regards to the on going corona virus outbreak.

As we all know developments are changing rapidly.

Decisions we made on Monday night during our online committee meeting were 15 minutes later made null and void after the Prime Ministers speech.

As for now the club is closed until further notice.

We are obviously lead by the government but also by the ECB and both cricket leagues.

The club, as is most of society, going to struggle with these ever changing government decisions.

We obviously still have running costs at the club and plans we need to put in place as soon as possible before the season hopefully gets underway sometime during the summer.

We will be contacting our sponsors as well as all of our members asking for continued support , but totally understand if people are not able to commit financially during these unprecedented times.

We are keeping a very tight eye on finances but also trying to make sure our projects are completed which will enable us to leap into action when the season eventually starts.

We will try and keep you up to date with any other further news and will try and do a few online fund raising events to try and keep spirits up and to remind everyone we still are working hard to keep our great club afloat.

If you feel you can help the club in any way over the next few months PLEASE contact myself or any member of the committee.

We will continue to update as and when is appropriate as we progress over the forthcoming months.

Everyone please look after yourselves and stay safe.

Best wishes