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2017 Aston Rowant Honours Board


Team of the year : Village Knockout Squad

Roy Blake Award : Chris Eaton

Committee Cup : Clair Whatman

John Pearce Cup for Sportsmanship : 5th XI

Dudley Lambourne Cup for best junior player: James Coles

Presidents Cup : James ‘Jamo’ Reynoldson

1st XI Player of the year : Wes Morrick

2nd XI Player of the year : Chris Eaton

3rd XI Player of the year Ron McQueen Cup : Tim Foster

4th XI Player of the year : Jamie Revill

5th XI Player of the year : Andrew Mason


John Maskell Cup: Calum Lambert
Cap Award: Sean Handforth

Yvonne McQueen Cup: Lewis North
Cap Award: Jacob Eaton

David Donner Cup: Carrick Dunbar
Cap Award: Sam Esrich

Peter Lambourne Cup: Oil Shaw
Cap Award: Sam Chown

Gary Condon Cup: Tom Brine
Cap Award: David White

Alice Draycott Sheild:
Aimee Diab
Cap Award:
Shannon Lewicky

Jim Clark Cup, Overall Most Improved Colt – Tom Brine

Nicholls of Chinnor Cup, Outstanding Contribution : James Coles

Mike Eaton Shield, Team of the Year : U17s

2016 Aston Rowant Honours Board


Team of the year: 2nd XI

Roy Blake Award: Dom Whatman

Committee Cup: Claire and Nigel Revill

Presidents Cup: Rhian Woods

1st XI  Player of the year: Leo Bethell

2nd XI Player of the year: Hendryk Robyns

3rd XI Player of the year Ron McQueen Cup: Tim Foster

4th XI Player of the year:   Joe Chown


U9s :
Player of the Season: Hayden Foster
Manager’s Award: Charlie Basden

U11s :
Player of the Season: Liam Hester

Player of the Season: James Coles

Player of the Season Batting: Oli Shaw
Player of the Season Bowling:  Jamie Revill

U17s :
Player of the Season: Alex Ferreira
Manager’s Award: Archie Davis

Player of the Season: Mia Venner

Overall Most Improved Colt – Awarded this year to a team – U9s

Outstanding Contribution: Archie Davis

Team of the Year: U15s

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